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What is Ozone/UV Light Therapy?


 "Sunshine in the Soul"

Ozone (O3) - in Blood

UBI (Ultra Violet Light
         Blood Irradiation)

Safe - millions of treatments, safer than aspirin

Effective - significantly helped after seven or more treatments

How Does Ozone/UV Light Therapy Work?


-UV light adds energy to the red blood cells causing a healing cascade to occur.

Harvard Medical School

-Ozone in blood makes an oxidative stress causing the body to respond and heal.

V Bocci PhD -U of Sienna

-The treatment is accomplished in an IV room in about 45 minutes.


-Full efficacy takes 7-12 treatments doing two treatments per week.

In the IV room


1. Draw a small amount of blood


2. Blood is mixed with a bag of saline


3. Ozone is added to the blood/saline mixture


4. Drip blood/saline mixture back to patient past the UV light


with chronic disorders say they were significantly helped

(With 7 or more treatments)

Over 100,000 O3UV therapies are successfully accomplished each year

• 90 years of successful medical history


Thousands of studies


• Hospital used it in the 1930s and 40s


• Safe and effective


• Support from Harvard Medical School


• Over 1 million therapies accomplished


End your search for an effective therapy

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