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Advanced Health Care

In A Comfortable Caring Environment

At New Life Regenerative Medicine, we specialize in the use of natural therapies like ozone and ultraviolet light that are both safe and effective for getting relief from conditions like chronic fatigue, toxicity, auto-immune and more. We also offer regenerative therapy like PRP, prolozone joint injections and other cellular tissue products that are designed to heal and repair damaged tissue from chronic arthritis pain. Our therapies are also used for anti-aging, skin rejuvination and hair restoration.

Our Services


Get Relief From:

- Chronic Fatigue




-Autoimmune Disease

Also known as Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI). Many people know that sunlight or ultra violet light kills bacteria, viruses, etc. UBI dose the same to our blood. It is a minimaly invasive IV therapy near me that, when mixed with oxygen (O3), it stimulates the immune system to destroy any pathogen no matter if they are viral, fungal, bacterial or cancerous. It "cleans and freshens" a person from the inside out. It is all natural and with no harmfull side effects. Learn more.

-Skin Conditions

(Dry Skin, Eczima, Psoraisis)

-Chronic Inflammation



-Weight Loss

Ozone Therapy is an innovative sauna technology that infuses oxygen into your skin and body through steam and hot air in a special cabin. The oxygen is absorbed through your pores and then transferred into your blood system, lymph and fat tissues. This will improve your general cell function, making your body healthier and more efficient.The Ozone Sauna detoxifies the lymphatic system. It clears the skin, accelerates blood flow, relaxes your muscles, kills bacteria, and eliminates toxins. The ozone sauna is a relaxing, and enjoyable experience that also treats your body with a high level of oxygen and ozone. Learn more.

Prolozone Joint Injections


Get relief from:

  • Arthritis Pain

  • Disc Herniation

  • Back/Neck Pain

  • Sports Injuries

  • Neuropathy

  • Chronic Pain


Prolozone also known as Ozone or Medical Ozone Therapy is a form of non-surgical ligament and joint reconstruction. It is safe and effective treatment for many kinds of chronic pain...and it's permanent.

Ozone therapy is used to repair and regenerate damaged tissue, stimulate energy production and eliminate chronic inflamation.

The difference between cortisone and prolozone

What to expect on your 1st visit

  • No Waiting Time

  • One-on-One Comprehensive Consultation and Examination of Your Health Concerns

  • X-Rays or Testing Included as Needed

  • Answers to Your Questions About Treatment

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