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Todays Medicine and the Power of light

Part 4

Medical Effects

“So what does this therapy actually do?”

I have been very intentional in making sure that this does not become a

technical book so while I won’t bore you with all the details, it is good to

know what medical effects have been documented.1


• Increase in erythrocytes

• Increase in hemoglobin

• Increase in white blood cells

• Increase in basophilic granulocytes

• Increase in lymphocytes

• Lowering of thrombocytes


• Lowering of fibrin

• Normalization of fibrinolysis

• Trend towards normalization of fibrin-split products

• Lowering of platelet aggregation


• Lowering of full-blood viscosity

• Lowering of plasma viscosity

• Reduction of elevated red blood cell aggregation tendencies.



• Increase in arterial P02

• Increase in venous P02

• Increase in arterial venous oxygen difference (increased oxygen release)

• Increase in peroxide count

• Fall in oxidation state of blood (increase in reduction state)

• Increase in acid-buffering capacity and rise in blood pH

• Reduction in blood pyruvate content

• Reduction in blood lactate content

• Improvement in glucose tolerance

• Reduction in cholesterol count, transaminases, and creatinine levels


• Elevation of poststenotic arterial pressure

• Increase in volume of circulation


• Increase in phagocytosis capability

• Increase in bactericidal capacity of blood

• Modulation of the immune system.

And what does all of this mean for me?”

For one, it means that this therapy offers a whole lot of healing for a variety of disorders. It needs to be understood that UBI or Biophotoinc Therapy (BT) does not “purify” the blood or attempt to treat all of the blood, but instead it works with the body’s immune and circulatory system to help them to function more effectively.

You can imagine how this changes the treatment of certain diseases. Instead of a temporary cessation of symptoms, infections can be dealt with properly without the risk of side effects while autoimmune issues can be resolved by the balancing of “run away” T cells.

When we talk about UBI and the effect that it has on the body, we can’t sum it up simply by saying, “It inactivates bacteria and virus” or “It cuts inflammation” or “It helps to activate your immune system.” Yes, it does all of these things, but one of the beauties of UBI therapy is that it is non-specific, meaning that it treats the whole body to bring about healing in a more holistic manner.

Listen to the testimony of a doctor we heard from out of California:

Virus, Lyme, Dental and even Hair loss~

“I’ve also used it (UBI) on varicella zoster, trigeminal neuralgia, influenza A, herpes simplex I and II, cellulitis and dental abscesses with rapid response. The few things requiring more than one treatment so far have been chronic sinusitis (3), Lyme (4), and hepatitis C (treated a case and saw PCRs drop 60% in 4 days, then lost contact with the patient). I’ve also used it in a case of SLE where vasculitis produced alopecia, and the UVA (this unit produces both UVA and UVC) restored flow sufficiently for the hair to come back completely in 6 weeks.

- Doctor from CA

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