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There is a Non-Drug Answer!

Updated: Sep 23, 2023



Conventional medical treatment


1 Pill for 1 Ill

like the conventional medicine mantra.

O3UV Whole Body

Immune System Balancing:

  1. If Autoimmune it quiets

  2. If low immune system it bolsters

  3. Decreases inflammation

  4. Increases micro circulation

A well-balanced and strong immune system is

the key to maintaining health and feeling great!

What is O3UV Therapy

An example of an IV set up

  • Ozone (O3) in Blood

  • UBI (UV Blood Irradiation)

  • Safe - millions of treatments, safer than aspirin

  • Effective - significantly helped after five or more treatments

an issue of Vasogen magazine
Vasogen magazine

O3UV are synergistic.

In the 1990’s Vasogen spent

$225 million proving that

they work better together on

over 20 disorders as they

underwent FDA trials.

How does O3UV work?

• UV light adds energy to the red blood cells causing

a healing cascade to occur.

  • Harvard Medical School.

• Ozone in blood makes an oxidative stress causing

the body to respond and heal.

  • V Bocci PhD -U of Sienna

an example of an IV line in an arm
IV Therapy

The treatment is accomplished in an IV room in about

45 minutes.

Full efficacy takes 5-10 treatmentsdoing two treatments

per week.

In the IV room

1. Draw a small amount of blood

2. Blood is mixed with a bag of saline

3. Ozone is added to the blood/saline mixture

4. Drip blood/saline mixture back to patient

past the UV light

An illustration of ozone IV therapy
IV/ozone Therapy


with chronic disorders

say they were significantly helped.

(5 or more treatments)

An illustration of the light spectrum
The electromagnetic spectrum

O3UV Therapy

Works with 134 serious Illness

Top categories O3UV is used on:

• Allergy • Auto immune • Bacterial

• Cancer • Chronic Fatigue • Circulatory

• Cardiovascular • Infections • Inflammatory • Joint Pain

• Lyme • EBV • Chronic Fatigue

A relaxed woman getting IV therapy
IV Therapy

Over 100,000 O3UV therapies

are successfully accomplished each year

• 90 years of successful medical history

• Thousands of studies

• Hospital used it in the 1930s and 40s

• Safe and effective

• Support from Harvard Medical School

• Over 1 million therapies accomplished

End your search for

an effective therapy

A doctor and patient
A happy patient

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